Goal driven Project Management
...because adulting is hard enough already.

Made for non-project managers and ADHD, Dyslexia, and Autism.

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The Goal Effect: Where Motivation Meets To-Do Lists

A never ending list of tasks isn’t motivating but paired with purpose and suddenly:

That’s why we start with goals. When to-dos grow from goals, they become stepping stones to success.

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Welcome to the future of Productivity

It's Goals Powered

Making aligning To Dos easier to get you where you're going

Feels like Accomplishment

From "Never Enough" to Incremental Progress

It's People First

Because you're a human being, capable of amazing things

Before you create another list... we ask: "What are you trying to accomplish?"​

Defining what you are trying to accomplish starts in our Strategy section. 

When you create a new Strategy, it creates a hierarchy for your projects to stay connected, organized, and focused.

How does the world look different when you get there? 

It’s important to set a clear description of how the world looks different. Don’t write things like, “We’re the best at xyz” because it doesn’t mean anything.

To connect with your vision, write what really changes. 

A focus area is an area that you believe will help you reach your goals. 

We automatically start you with Customers, Financial, Internal Processes, and Learning but you can change these to represent your key focus areas. 

Be sure to add a small description on why you think this is an important focus area right now and how it will contribute to your goals. 

As you finish setting the direction of what you’re working towards, you end up with a view like this. 

Defining goals in a quantitative sense so that you can stay focused and have a way to align the work you do to where you want to be.

Fostering Beautiful Minds And Inclusion With Leantime

People First Project Management

It’s built for the different ways our brains process the world

Going from Purpose to Doing

Plan view for Program & Portfolio Management

See Progress across Projects

Plans allow you to see your projects and their progress in a timeline view, general view, and even a kanban overview.

Purposeful hierarchy from Strategies to Projects

Clearly see the Connections Across the Work

Feel empowered to know exactly where the work gets connected and its accomplishments.

Project Hub for project visualization

Different views for different brains

Sometimes a list just doesn't cut it. This view is intended to give you an overview and the ability to see your projects in another way.

Pomodoro time tracking for motivation

25 minutes or bust

Make it easier to start on tasks and track time in the process! Our built in pomodoro also includes guided breathing exercises.

Share goals across strategies and projects

Easy goal tracking

Update your goals only once -- linked goals will report those numbers up to the strategic goal.

Track time on your To Dos from every task view

Easy time tracking

Whether you work with clients or need to track time for grants, it's easy to see where your time is going.

Work meets Personal Organization

the work is organized and you can be too

It’s harder to stay on top of things if you’re not working in the system. 

Keeping you organized and prioritized is the most important part and that’s why we build features focused on personal productivity.

Time blocking is a known productivity tip to help you stay on task and even start challenging work. 

You can import your ical link and schedule your tasks in between meetings and other events

This Notes view is only for your personal usage. We realize there are always going to be those things that come up but don’t belong in the projects area. 

Write down reminders, notes, create a dopamine menu or even save your important links.

Rate your tasks on an emoji rating scale from red angry swearing face to elated unicorn — those rare tasks you’d like to see more often.

We then use AI to prioritize your tasks based on your interest and look for pairings that make less interesting tasks easier to tackle.

Leantime: My ToDos List

Import any external calendar that offers an iCal URL. You can find this available via Google Calendar, Apple, Outlook and more.

AI as a Productivity Sidekick

Delegate the cognitive overload while making the project experience more personal

AI Breaking Tasks Down Into Smaller To Do Lists

Projects are where you Think and Make

projects for the organizing the work itself

Table Views For Task Management To Do List In Leantime

For task management in a project, you get your choice of Kanban, Table or a List view.

Manage your subtasks and dependencies as well.

Welcome to our Timeline (Milestone) view. 

Milestones, In Leantime, are groups of tasks bundled together with a date so you can view them on a timeline (gantt chart).

Get an even higher level view when you view the timeline on our Program Plan overview.

Tracking Work On A Timeline With Milestones And Gantt Chart Leantime
Creating Project Outlines On Leantime Using Strategic Boards Blueprints

Create some definition. Why are we doing what we’re doing? Who is it for? What should it look like?

The blueprint boards allow you to do your research, validating, tracking and analysis even at the project level.

Looking to better understand how the team is working? Our reports allow you to see how the hours are all coming together.

You need more than a Kanban to keep track of what you’re building and that’s why we have Docs.

Embed outside documents and work with external teams or keep tracking of what you need internally.

Retrospectives are an opportunity to reflect on the work that we’ve recently accomplished and give the team room to discuss what worked well, what didn’t, and what needs to change.

You need ideas to take you to the next level but it’s easy to lose track of them. 

Track ideas easily here and in the near future, link them to the to dos and work being done.

If you need to get better at estimating work or if you’re going to send hourly billables to a client, you need to be able to track your time with our Timesheets.

Track directly on the To Do when you start work, edit and approve hours. In the future, we’ll have plugins to allow you to connect to Quickbooks and other accounting platforms.

A free project management tool that's easy to use... but don't take just our word for it.

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