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An easy-to-use, goals based approach to getting things done and making progress you can see.
Rooted in behavioral science, boosted with AI and built with ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism in mind.

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Welcome to the future of work management

Built in workflows

We simplify project management and use best practices to make it easy to start and go

Behavioral Science & AI

We focus on boosting dopamine and intrinsic motivation through connecting the vision, goals, and then personalizing it

Cognitively Accessible

We build and design for ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism and the unique ways all of our brains process information.

Motivation Psychology Project Management and Employee Engagement Leantime

People First Project Management

Built for the different ways our brains process the world

Start by asking: "What are we trying to accomplish?"​

Being “strategic” doesn’t have to be complicated. It just means we set a direction.

💸 Company Purpose: Describe why the company exists, the why you are working on what you are

🔮 The Strategic vision asks, “If we achieve our purpose, how does the world look different?”

Only 28% of middle managers and executives responsible for strategy execution can list 3 of the company’s strategies. Many couldn’t list any at all.

To meet the company purpose, to reach the vision — decide what we’re focusing on and set some goals to get there.

Goals are great at the strategy level but the work is done at the project level.

  1. Link and report project goals to the strategy
  2. Link but don’t add into the count
  3. Or keep project or program goals separate from the strategy
New Creating Strategic Goals

Whether the view is from the one pager or on the individual focus area, a focus area is meant to be the grounding point to where our goals should be directed towards.

Trying to be a data driven company? These are the moments where you can ask, without bias, “Does this get us closer to our goal?”

Whether at the strategy level or the project level, we have frameworks built in to help you manage the research, build clarity for the team, and simplify communicating those ideas.

Creating Project Outlines On Leantime Using Strategic Boards Blueprints

Think & Make

the foundation of work management

Table Views For Task Management To Do List In Leantime

For task management in a project, you get your choice of Kanban, Table or a List view.

Manage your subtasks and dependencies as well.

Welcome to our Timeline (Milestone) view. 

Milestones, In Leantime, are groups of tasks bundled together with a date so you can view them on a timeline (gantt chart).

Get an even higher level view when you view the timeline on our Program Plan overview.

Tracking Work On A Timeline With Milestones And Gantt Chart Leantime
Creating Project Outlines On Leantime Using Strategic Boards Blueprints

Create some definition. Why are we doing what we’re doing? Who is it for? What should it look like?

The blueprint boards allow you to do your research, validating, tracking and analysis even at the project level.

Looking to better understand how the team is working? Our reports allow you to see how the hours are all coming together.

You need more than a Kanban to keep track of what you’re building and that’s why we have Docs.

Embed outside documents and work with external teams or keep tracking of what you need internally.

Retrospectives are an opportunity to reflect on the work that we’ve recently accomplished and give the team room to discuss what worked well, what didn’t, and what needs to change.

You need ideas to take you to the next level but it’s easy to lose track of them. 

Track ideas easily here and in the near future, link them to the to dos and work being done.

If you need to get better at estimating work or if you’re going to send hourly billables to a client, you need to be able to track your time with our Timesheets.

Track directly on the To Do when you start work, edit and approve hours. In the future, we’ll have plugins to allow you to connect to Quickbooks and other accounting platforms.

AI as a Productivity Sidekick

Delegate the mental overload while making the project experience more personal

AI Breaking Tasks Down Into Smaller To Do Lists

More than task management

Dopamine is released in the brain on the path to accomplishing a goal. The more you connect, track, and see progress… the more motivating it becomes.

Work meets Personal Organization

Go from projects to personal impact

Leantime focuses on the individual organization because it’s the most important piece to motivating, engaging, and supporting people in making an impact and knowing what to focus on.

You can now customize this board, move, select and resize widgets.

Time block your work to the calendar so you can see what you’re working on clearly and when. 

Import your external calendar and align those tasks with your meetings and other events.

Notes is now a personal widget for your My Work dashboard or as it’s own tab on the navigation. In either view, you can save your important links, edit immediately, or even create a personal checklist.

AI prioritization takes how you feel about the work and uses best practices across three productivity methods and organizes your tasks due in the coming week.

Leantime: My ToDos List

Import any external calendar that offers an iCal URL. You can find this available via Google Calendar, Apple, Outlook and more.

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A free project management tool - and finally easy to use

We saw the boost in team collaboration and motivation that our open source users got from our foundational project management features. Now you can use our online project management software for free for up to 150 To Dos  — without the open source setup. Get started for free and then level up your work management by connecting the vision to your To Do list, watching the big picture progress, and then use AI to help prioritize and break down the work. 

Client Roles

Give access to your project as needed to gather to share the work

Personalized Task Views

Assign a to do at the project level and then see them all on your personal My Work dashboard

Calendar Integration

Integrate your favorite calendars and see when tasks or milestones are due or when someone will be working on a specific task

Status Reports, Dashboards & Retrospectives

Know where your projects are, share reports, and debrief after the work.

File Management

Keep relevant files close to their work. Available at both the project and strategy levels.

Personalized themes*

Make the system more you by selecting the colors you want to see. *Coming soon in Leantime v3.

+ Available in 19+ languages

The right way to do project management

By combining the best of project management practices – lean methodology, agile project management, and design thinking
we’ve taken the complexity out of using a project management system so you can spend more doing what you need to and have access to consistent, repeatable and great results.

No expensive certifications required.

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